Core Staff

Co-Directors: Dapo Akande, David Rodin and Jennifer Welsh.

David Rodin

Co-director and Senior Research Fellow, ELAC, University of Oxford

Research Interests: War and International Conflict; Terrorism and Asymmetric War; Torture; Business Ethics and International Justice.

Dapo Akande

Co-director, ELAC, Professor of Public International Law, University of Oxford & Yamani Fellow, St Peter’s College

Research Interests: Public International Law; Application of International Law in National Courts; International Law and the Use of Force; Law of International Organizations; International Dispute Settlement.

Jennifer Welsh

Co-director, ELAC, Special Adviser to the UN Secretary-General for the Responsibility to Protect. Currently occupying a five year professorship at the European University Institute.

Research Interests: Humanitarian Intervention and the Responsibility to Protect; United Nations Security Council; International Relations Theory and Normative Theory; Canadian Foreign Policy

Cecile Fabre

Senior Research Fellow at All Souls College and Professor of Political Philosophy, University of Oxford

Research Interests: War; terrorism; Peace Settlements; War Remembrance; Force Short of War

Cheyney Ryan

ELAC Human Rights Program Director, Professor of Philosophy and Law (University of Oregon), and Senior Fellow, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs (New York)

Research interests: Pacifism and non-violence; contemporary just war theory.

Lars Christie

Senior Research Fellow, ELAC

Research interests: The Ethics of War; Relevance of causation to morality; Moral Luck; Non-culpable moral responsibility.

Heather Roff

Senior Research Fellow, ELAC

Research interests: Ethics and International Affairs; Lethal Autonomous Weapons; Global Justice and Responsibility to Protect.

Emanuela-Chiara Gillard

Senior Research Fellow, ELAC, and on Sabbatical from her position as Chief of the Protection of Civilians Section in the Policy Development and Studies Branch of the United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

Research interests: Public International Law, International Humanitarian Law, Reparations, United Nations Security Council, Humanitarian Policy.

Anaïs Rességuier

Administrator and Reseach Assistant, Humanitarian Ethics/ELAC

Research Interests: Humanitarianian aid, applied ethics, French contemporary philosophy.

Visiting Fellows

James Astman

Visiting Fellow, ELAC

Research interests: Peace Education.


Past Visitors

Zeray Yihdego

Visiting Fellow, ELAC (2016)

Research interests: International law; international humanitarian law; arms control law; peace and security law; African Union law.

Siobhan Wills

Visiting Fellow, ELAC (2015-2016)

Research interests: Transitional Justice

Matt Sleat

Visiting Fellow, ELAC (2015-2016)

Research interests: Realist political theory; Liberal thought and its critics; History of modern political theory; The ethics of cyber-warfare; Just war theory; Pragmatism

Joanna Harrington

Visiting Fellow, ELAC (2015)

Research interests: International law; constitutional law; public policy

Alessandra Pigni

Visiting Fellow, ELAC

Research interests: The psychology of aid workers; humanitarian organisations; politics and psychology; burnout; mindfulness; post-traumatic growth.

Vuyelwa Kuuya

Visiting Fellow, ELAC

Research interests: Status and role of multinational corporations in public international law; international human rights law; international sustainable development law; international instruments promoting corporate social responsibility.

Bernhard Koch

Visiting Fellow, ELAC 2014, and Deputy Director Institute for Theology and Peace, Hamburg, Germany

Research interests: General Ethics; Practical Philosophy in the Ancient World; Philosophy of Law; Legitimation of Lethal Force (self-defense, state of emergency, ius in bello); aka: “Targeted Killing”; Automated Weapon Systems Deployment Ethics

Matthew Killingsworth

Visiting Fellow, ELAC and Lecturer in International Relations in the Politics and International Relations Program at the University of Tasmania

Research interests: International humanitarian law; the changing nature of war; international relations theory; lustration and democratisation in Central and Eastern Europe.

Héloïse Ruaudel

Visiting Fellow, ELAC and International Consultant, Geneva Call

Research interests: Armed non-State actors and displaced people in armed conflict

Molly Cochran

Visiting Fellow, ELAC 2011-2013. Research Associate, ELAC

Research interests: Ethics and international affairs, normative theory in international relations, global democratic theory and justice debates, interstate and non-governmental organizations.
Laurence Lustgarten

Visiting Fellow, ELAC 2010-2013

Research interests: The Governance of the Arms Trade, Human Rights, Governance of the Police.

Alison Duxbury

Visiting Fellow, ELAC 2013

Research interests: The role of human rights and democracy in determining the participation of states in international organisations, The Commonwealth and human rights, International Humanitarian Law, Military Law.

Max du Plessis

Visiting Fellow, ELAC 2012

Research interests: International and international criminal law, constitutional law.
Christopher Gevers

Visiting Fellow, ELAC 2012

Research interests: International law, specifically international criminal law and international humanitarian law, international legal theory.

Rodolpho Valente

Visiting Fellow, ELAC 2012

Research interests: Political theory, cosmopolitanism, humanitarian ethics, civil-military relations, humanitarian diplomacy and access negotiations.
Ann-Christin Raschdorf

Visiting Fellow, ELAC 2012

Research interests: Conflict studies and critical theory, the United Nations system, track II diplomacy, regional studies (South-East Asia, Great Lakes, Middle East) and international law.
Nina Jorgensen

Visiting Fellow, ELAC 2012

Research interests: complicity in international crimes and the interplay between state and individual responsibility, responsibility to prevent genocide, substantive and procedural international criminal law, legal ethics.

Olav Ofstad

Visiting Fellow, ELAC 2011

Research interests: Peace- and state building, reconciliation/conflict resolution and practical application of social psychology.

Simon O'Connor

Visiting Fellow, ELAC 2011

Research Interests: International Humanitarian Law; International Criminal Law; Weapons Law

Damien Scalia

Visiting Fellow, ELAC 2010-11

Research interests: International criminal law, execution of penalties pronounced by international criminal jurisdictions and the applicability of human rights.

Elisa Kaczynska-Nay

Visiting Fellow, ELAC 2009-2010

Research interests: Nuclear Non-Proliferation, International Law and Use of Force, Human Rights Law, International Relations Theory.

Treasa Dunworth

Visiting Fellow, ELAC 2009

Research interests: Accountability of international organisations; Arms control and disarmament; Interplay between domestic and international law. uclear Non-Proliferation, International Law and Use of Force, Human Rights Law, International Relations Theory.

Research Associates

Sir Michael Aaronson

Professorial Research Fellow and Co-Director of the Centre for International Intervention, University of Surrey

Alia Brahimi

Research Associate in International Relations, Centre for International Studies

Simon Caney

Professor in Political Theory, University of Oxford

Molly Cochran

Lecturer, Oxford Brookes University, and Visiting Professor at the Nunn School of International Affairs, Georgia Institute of Technology

Janina Dill

Assistant Professor, London School of Economics and Political Science

Helen Frowe

Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Kent

Gilles Giacca

Research Fellow and Programme Co-ordinator of the Oxford Martin Programme on Human Rights for Future Generations, University of Oxford

Tjerk de Greef

Research Fellow, Intelligent Interaction Group, Delft University of Technology

Amos Guiora

Professor of Law, S.J. Quinney College of Law, University of Utah

Andrew Hurrell

Montague Burton Professor of International Relations, University of Oxford

Greg Johnson

Professor of Philosophy, Pacific Lutheran University

Seth Lazar

Research Fellow,School of Philosophy, Australian National University, Canberra

Jonathan Leader Maynard

Rank-Manning Junior Research Fellow, University of Oxford

Alexander Leveringhaus

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, ELAC and Delft University of Technology

David J. Luban

Professor of Law and Philosophy, Georgetown University

Jeff McMahan

Professor of Philosophy, Rutgers University

Rama Mani

Senior Research Associate, Centre for International Studies

Simon O'Connor

Legal Advisor, Norwegian Red Cross

 Jonathan Parry

Post-Doctoral Researcher, Stockholm Center for the Ethics of War and Peace

Christian Reus-Smit

Professor of International Relations, The European University Institute, Florence

Henry Shue

Senior Research Fellow at Merton and Professor of Politics and International Relations

Bradley Jay Strawser

Assistant Professor of Philosophy, U.S. Naval Postgraduate School


Past Associates

Commodore Neil Brown

Royal Navy and Visiting Fellow, Programme on the Changing Character of War. ELAC Research Associate 2010-11

Timothy Endicott

Dean of the Law Faculty and Professor of Legal Philosophy, University of Oxford. ELAC Research Associate 2009-12

Dan Joyner

Professor of Law, University of Alabama, ELAC Research Associate 2012

Cian O'Driscoll

University of Glasgow. Visiting Fellow, Balliol College and ELAC Research Associate Trinity Term 2010

Captain William D. Park

United States Navy. ELAC Research Associate 2009-2010

David T. Ritchie

Professor of Law & Philosophy , Walter F. George School of Law, Mercer University, ELAC Research Associate 2012

Cdr Timothy Trampenau

United States Navy. ELAC Research Associate 2010-11

Former Staff Members

Hugo Slim

Former Associate Director & Senior Research Fellow, ELAC

Research interests: The protection of civilians; Humanitarian ethics; Business and violence; Corporate responsibility and ethical dilemmas in fragile states.

Nicola Horsburgh

British Academy Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, ELAC

Research Interests: Chinese foreign and security policy, in particular as it relates to nuclear weapons; nuclear proliferation in Northeast Asia; global nuclear history; concepts of nuclear order and responsibility.