Human Rights and Resort to Force Workshop

From Thursday, 14 November to Friday, 15 November, ELAC hosted its first Lecture and Workshop on Human Rights and Resort to Force. The public lecture, in honour of Professor Henry Shue, was delivered by Professor Sam Moyn from Yale Law School and made 'the case against humane war'. The workshop brought together leading scholars working in the fields of the Use of Force, Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law and International Criminal Law, such as Adil HaqueTom DannebaumMonica HakimiFederica PaddeuEliav LieblichKevin Jon Heller, Omar Naqib, Marieke de Hoon and our ownDapo AkandeJanina Dill and Federica D'Alessandra. The discussion was motivated by the paucity of academic debate on the relationship between the jus ad bellum (the rules governing resort to armed force) and human rights, which contrasts with the longstanding emphasis on the interplay between human rights and the jus in bello (the rules relating to the conduct of participants during an armed conflict). The workshop examined three key points of interaction between these bodies of rules: 1) The Jus Ad Bellum and the Right to Life; 2) Human Rights as a Reason for Resort to Force, and 3) The Criminalization of Aggression and Human Rights Protection. The Workshop programme can be found here.