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Coronavirus and Minority Rights

Around the world, there are troubling examples of minority groups being under extra pressure during the current pandemic. As well as the demonisation of some groups as supposed vectors of disease, we have seen governments using emergency powers in ways that may disadvantage minorities and advance populist and nationalist agendas, and the deepening of pre-existing division and discrimination. Join us as Blavatnik School researchers discuss the protection of minority rights in the current situation, considering the political, legal and ethical frameworks.

This event is part of the Alfred Landecker Programme. Register here.


  • Jonathan Wolff, Alfred Landecker Professor of Values and Public Policy
  • Dapo Akande, Professor of International Public Law, ELAC’s Co-Director
  • Maya Tudor, Associate Professor of Government and Public Policy
  • Federica D’Alessandra, Executive Director, Oxford Programme on International Peace and Security, ELAC
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Event date:
May 17, 2020

Event time:
5:00 pm

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