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Duncan B. Hollis

Co-Convenor, The Oxford Process

Duncan B. Hollis is Laura H. Carnell Professor of Law at Temple Law School and a co-convenor of The Oxford Process on International Law Protections in Cyberspace. His scholarship engages with issues of international law, interpretation, and cybersecurity, with a particular emphasis on treaties, norms, and other forms of international regulation. He is currently a non-resident Scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and an elected member of the American Law Institute, where he served as an Adviser on its project to draft a Fourth Restatement on the Foreign Relations Law of the United States. In 2016, he was elected by the General Assembly of the Organization of the American States to a four-year term on the OAS’s Inter-American Juridical Committee. There, he has served as the Rapporteur on binding and non-binding agreements as well as the Rapporteur on improving the transparency of State views on international law’s application to cyberspace. Hollis has held visiting academic appointments at Melbourne Law School, LUISS Università Guido Carli, and the University of Pennsylvania’s Perry World House. For more than a decade he was a regular contributor to the international law blog, Opinio Juris.

Professor Hollis’s books include The Oxford Guide to Treaties (OUP, 2nd ed., 2020), the first edition of which was awarded the 2013 American Society of International Law Certificate of Merit for high technical craftsmanship and utility to practising lawyers; International Law (with Allen Weiner), the 7th edition of one of the leading textbooks; and (with Jens Ohlin) Defending Democracies: Combatting Foreign Election Interference in a Digital Age (OUP, 2020). His more than 30 articles and book chapters have appeared in various publications, including the American Journal of International Law, Texas Law Review, Southern California Law Review, Harvard Journal of International Law, and Virginia Journal of International Law.