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Applying International Law in Cyberspace: Protections and Prevention

May 18, 2020

On 18 and 19 May, ELAC is hosting a closed virtual workshop with a group of invited international law scholars and practitioners on the topic of Applying International Law in Cyberspace: Protections and Prevention. The workshop will address pressing issues that have become even more salient during the COVID-19 crisis. It will do so by framing the discussion around two papers. The first, by Kubo Mačák, Laurent Gisel and Tilman Rodenhäuser (International Committee of the Red Cross), looks at the extent to which international law currently protects different rights and interests against malicious cyber operations targeting the healthcare sector. The second, by Talita Dias and Antonio Coco (ELAC), unpacks the concept of due diligence in cyberspace by looking at different State obligations to prevent and redress online harms.

The workshop is part of ELAC’s ‘Cyber Due Diligence‘ project, led by ELAC’s co-director Dapo Akande and carried out by Postdoctoral Research Fellow Talita Dias and Visiting Scholar Antonio Coco. It is co-hosted by Professor Duncan Hollis of Temple University, and it is generously sponsored by the Government of Japan and Microsoft Corporation.

The workshop report and programme is available here.