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Federica D’Alessandra Speaks at 2023 OxPeace Conference

May 12, 2023

On 12 May, ELAC Deputy Director and IPS Executive Director Federica D’Alessandra participated in the 2023 OxPeace Conference: Learning from Ukraine, which brought together experts from the Oxford Network of Peace Studies—including the University of Oxford, United Nations and World Economic Forum—to explore the origins, impact and lessons of the war in Ukraine for peacebuilding.

During the conference, Federica spoke on International Crimes in Ukraine: Who Can be Held Accountable. The presentation addressed which international crimes are currently alleged in Ukraine as a result of Russia’s 2022 full-scale invasion, and who might be liable for such crimes, as well as current and prospective avenues being pursued to hold perpetrators accountable.

The talk is available here, starting at 1:16:33.