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New IPS Research Project: Connecting Atrocity Prevention Research and Policy

Jan 31, 2020

IPS Executive Director Federica D’Alessandra was awarded a grant from the UK Research and Innovation Strategic Priority Fund. The award, which is meant to support knowledge exchange and research-based policy-engagement, will support the first phase of activities of a new Transatlantic Network on Atrocity Prevention. The Network, which is being convened by the Oxford Programme on International Peace and Security (IPS), in partnership with the United States’ Simon Skjodt Center for Genocide Prevention and the Center for International Peace and Security Studies at McGill University, aims to expand and sustain the atrocity prevention agenda by creating an action-oriented network for engagement across governments, multilateral institutions, academia and practitioners. The network will do so by leveraging the research capabilities and convening power of two world-class universities – Oxford and McGill – to:

  • (i) bring together thought leaders, expert practitioners, and policy makers with a successful history of mitigating atrocity crimes and promoting atrocity prevention policy and action;
  • (ii) take stock of the current panorama of political, normative and geostrategic challenges, and idea opportunities to reinvigorate the prevention agenda; and
  • (iii) re-establish the primacy of human life at the centre of international diplomatic action and discourse.

Working alongside Federica on this project are ELAC Co-Founder Jennifer Welsh, Postdoctoral Fellow Talita Dias and Visiting Fellows Ryan D’Souza and Shannon Raj Singh.