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New IPS Article: ‘Operationalizing Obligations to Prevent Mass Atrocities’

Jun 20, 2022

IPS is pleased to announce the publication of a new article, ‘Operationalizing Obligations to Prevent Mass Atrocities: Proposing Atrocity Impact Assessments as Due Diligence Best Practice’, authored by ELAC Deputy Federica D’Alessandra with IPS Visiting Fellow of Practice Shannon Raj Singh, in the Journal of Human Rights Practice. The paper explores the existing prevention framework and is intended to speak to those States that seek to take preventive steps, understand their legal obligations and, most importantly, to operationalize those obligations by taking concrete action. It argues that States’ existing obligations require them to examine their capacity to prevent, and that one form of examination, which should be adopted as a matter of best practice, is to undertake an Atrocity Impact Assessment, evaluating both a State’s current impact in a country or region, and the potential measures it could take to assist in averting mass atrocities.